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A unique adventure of diving in Andaman

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Destination:  Chennai – Port Blair – Havelock

Description   Andaman Islands is a group of islands in the Indian Ocean in the Bay of Bengal. It is the Union Territory of India. It is believed that the origin of the name Andaman is linked to Hanuman, the monkey disciple of Lord Rama, the hero of the epic Ramayana. The sea in the surroundings of Andaman is a natural habitat for many species of marine life. Andaman is well known in every corner of the world for its diving spots such as the South Button Island , Jacksons’Bar, South Minerva Ledge etc.. The area has beautiful beaches where you will enjoy the relaxation, the excursion on the back of the elephant and cycling. Discover the incredible culture in the villages of the islands. Spend 12 days in the natural atmosphere.

Package Details

Day  1
Arrival at Chennai
When you arrive at the airport in Chennai, you will be warmly welcomed by our team in a traditional Indian way and immediately you will be transferred to the luxury hotel. Please note that we take the flight for Port Blair early in the morning, so you must land in Chennai before 1 am. Overnight at hotel.

Day  2
Chennai – Port Blair 2 h by air
The next day, in the morning we leave for Chennai airport and take the flight for Port Blair. Port Blair is the capital of Andaman and largest city of Andaman. Our representative will welcome you at the airport in Port Blair. To visit the islands of Andaman, the entry permit is required for foreigners. The historical cellular jail which is known as “Kala Pani” is situated in this city. In the afternoon, we discover the city. Overnight at the resort.

Day   3
Port Blair – Havelock 3 h by boat : Continuing our discovery of Andaman, our journey advances towards Havelock. To reach this island, we take the ferry and ferry trip takes 3 hours. These days, the Indian government is taking important steps to develop eco-friendly tourism in Havelock. It is one of the most visited islands of Andaman. You will be warmly welcomed by our representatives at Havelock port and will be transferred to the resort. Overnight at resort.

Day   4
Havelock : Diving from 7 h to 15 h
In the morning, we start our adventure of diving. Our francophone team of diving welcome you upon your arrival at the destination and explain you our program of all week. If you want, you also have the opportunity to receive instruction sheet. That day, you’ll make the experience 2 dives on the island of South Button: the first diving at South of the island and the second at North. -You enjoy diving in shallow and ideal waters of South of the island and north. To see several kinds of fishes that lead a beautiful life in the magic of nature, you need to just go to 5 m. Overnight at resort.

Day   5
Havelock : Diving from 7 h to 15 h
Advancing our discovery, we experience two dives: the first in Jacksons’Bar and the second in South Minerva Ledge. Improve your experience by diving in Jackson’s Bar which is a very popular diving spot and enjoy dive in South Minerva Ledge as well seeing the different types of beautiful creatures of the sea. Overnight at the resort.

Day   6
Havelock : Diving from 7 h to 15 h
The six days of our trip is also dedicated to dives in Jacksons’Bar and South Minerva Ledge. Overnight at resort.

Day  7
Havelock : dicovery and beaches
This is the day of relaxation on the beaches of the island and discovery. The Island is a good example of the beauty of nature. There are five villages on this island: Govinda Nagar, Bejoy Nagar, Shyam Nagar, Krishna Nagar and Radha Nagar. Life in these villages is slow but not boring. You are going to enjoy peace. Get different experience of relaxation on the Radha beach, declared The best beach in Asia.In addition, relax on the Elephant beach and the Vijaynagar beach which are also very popular beaches of the island. Boating and excursion on the back of the elephant is an enjoyable activity on this island. You also can enjoy swimming, diving, bike riding etc. If you like it, you have the chance to take the boat for the entire day to explore other islands as well. Overnight at resort.

Day   8
Diving from 7 h to 15 h
On the 8th day, our adventure of diving advances towards “White House Rock” and “Light House”. The dives at “White House Rock” and “Light House” take you to the different world. Parrot fish, napoleons, the groupers, crocodile fish, lionfish, scorpion fish and many other creatures of the sea are seen in shallow water. Overnight at resort.

Day   9
Diving from 7 h to 15 h
This day is devoted to the diving in Wreck and Aquarium where you see the fishes of multiple colours. Just at 10 m deep, you have the chance to see moray eels, stingrays, nudibranchs and many others. Overnight at resort.

Day   10
Diving from 7 h to 15 h
Enjoy diving in Dixon Pinnacle. It is one of the most popular diving spot for its big fishes. The second dive of the day is in The Wall. According to the instructions you walk along the wall and see about all sorts of sea creatures. Overnight at the resort.

Day   11
Diving in morning then Ferry Havelock – Port Blair 4 h by boat
On the 11th day, in the after noon we drive to the port to catch the ferry for Port Blair where you will be welcomed by our team. Then we drop you at the resort on the beach. Before departure, the morning is free so you can enjoy your last dive at the spot which you appreciate most . Overnight at resort.

Day   12
Port Blair flight – Chennai 2 h by air
Having spent the night in the resort, in the morning we leave for Port Blair airport and take the flight to Chennai. Arrival at Chennai, in the afternoon you can stroll through the city. Finally we drive you to the airport according to the schedule of your international flight and we drop there. Our journey ends here.

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