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Uttarakhand A journey in the land of Gods

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Places Covered :  Delhi-Rishikesh-Ghuttu-BhaironChatti-BuddhaKeddar-Bella-Gangotri-Bhujbasa-Tapovan-Gangotri-Uttarkashi-Haridwar-Delhi

Description :   You will travel through this beautiful and mystical north-indian region, discovering its diverse wildlife and rich hindu history, traditions and culture. Walk through the green forest paths, breathe the fresh air of the glaciers, camp along the Ganga river, visit the holy temples of Haridwar, Budha Kedar and Gangotri with a stunning mountain backdrop of the himalayan foothills. Indulge in an adventurous journey at the heart of India’s soul.

Package Details

Day  1
Arrival in Delhi
We will welcome you at the airport and take you to your hotel in the centre of Delhi, where you will stay the night

Day  2
Delhi – Rishikesh – Ghuttu (1500 m) [380 kms -10/12H by road]
Early morning departure by road for Rishikesh where you will stay the night in a lodge or a campsite in Ghuttu.

Day   3
Ghuttu – Bhairon Chatti (2400 m) [5/6H walk]
We begin the trek, passing through farms, fields and a number of villages and temple. We will carry on until we reach the top of a mountain peak and then carry on walking through pine forests before reaching Bhairon Chatti, where we will set up camp.

Day   4
Bhairon Chatti – Buddha Kedar (1500 m) [5/6H walk]
We begin a long walk down through forests and fields before crossing the Ball Ganga river. We will set up camp near village of Budha Kedar and visit the Shiva temple in the area.

Day   5
T: Buddha kedar – Belak (2400 m) [6H walk]
We binging ascending toward the last pass of this trek, walking through the forest, then through fields and a few villages. We will then set up camp near the village of Belak

Day   6
Belak – Malla (1500 m) [4H of walk] – Gangotri (3100 m) [80 kms, 4 to 6 H by road]
We begin our walk down to the Bhagirathi river, passing through a number of villages along the way. We will reach the village of Malla, at the end of the first trek. A vehicle will then take us to the temple of Gangotri. We will stay the night in a lodge in Gangotri.

Day  7
Gangotri – Bhujbasa (3800 m) [5H walk]
We begin our walk to Cheerbasa, then continue on towards Bhudjbasa, where we will camp for the night.

Day   8
Bhujbasa – Tapovan (4400 m) [4/5H walk]
We continue climbing towards Gaumukh (3900m), then cross the glacier to access the left bank, at around 4100m. We will the follow a short but stiff slope to the meadows of Tapovan.

Day   9
Tapovan (4400 m) [until 5H walk, optional]
In Topavan, we will take this day to rest and to explore the area. We however offer you an optional hike to the base camp of Kedarnath Dome. If you decide to take part in this, you will walk around the Shivling to reach the southern side of the camp, make your way to the Kirti Bamak Glacier and admire the mountainous surrounding. We will spend the night at our camp in Tapovan.

Day   10
Tapovan – Gangotri (3100 m) [6/7H walk]
We begin a long walk back to Gangotri, where we will spend the night in a lodge or a tent.

Day   11
Gangotri – Uttarkashi [100 km – 4/6H by road]
Take the morning to relax. We will then drive to Uttarkashi, a small bustling city which borders the Ganga river. You can visit the many temples of Uttarkashi, where we will stay the night in a hotel.

Day   12
Uttarkashi – Haridwar [150 km – 5/6H by road]
We hit the road again towards the holy hindu city of Haridwar, where you can visit the city’s ghats. We will stay there overnight in a hotel.

Day   13
Haridwar – Delhi [240 km – 6H by road]
We head back to Delhi by road, where you will stay in a hotel in the city centre.

Day   14
Delhi – international airport
Enjoy this last day in India at your leisure! We will take you to the airport in the evening for you to board your flight home.

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